A graduate of PUC-SP and a Licensed Psychologist, thirteen years later, in 1993, I turned to the arts. The ecstatic experience of drawing the human body in free, spontaneous, and original strokes of the pencil  was combined with the joy of knowing myself capable of doing it, a skill previously unbeknownst to me. 

What followed was shaping the human body in clay, then pottery classes, building my own studio, participating in exhibitions, and teaching pottery classes.

After almost two decades as a potter, I took on another journey: hand-craft jewelry.

The triad psychoanalysis-ceramics-jewelry-making engendered the most integrated and happy version of myself. After all, as Barbara Mindell puts it, "The creative process of inhabiting one's art, one's movement, and one's life is the same."

Hulda Bretones

  Hulda Bretones  © 2017  São Paulo, SP - Brasil    



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